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Bad Input Shaft Bearing Symptoms

In manual transmission vehicles, it is critical to keep the interaction between input and output shafts working well. Even the slightest damage to the input shaft can have major consequences for the engine and the vehicle transmission.
Read on to learn all about the symptoms of bad input shaft bearing. These symptoms include;

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Strange noises when in neutral gear

Do you hear humming noises even when your vehicle is in neutral? This is normal. But when you hear a strange noise even before you put the car in gear, it is likely that it is caused by a bad input shaft bearing.

The noise will vary in tone and pitch based on how fast the engine is running. These strange noises might also be accompanied by a feeling of vibration in the gear stick.
Try changing or refilling the gear oil. That might solve the problem.

Continuous noises from the gear

If you are hearing noises from under your hood, then it is not a good sign. This is especially true if they are coming from your transmission.

If you feel that these noises are getting louder as you put the car into drive, then that, too, is a sign of a faulty input shaft bearing. The noises you hear when the car is neutral will only get louder when the engine puts out more RPM.

It’s quite easy to identify if these are bad input shaft bearings. If the noise of the vehicle is persistent when the car is running and does not stop even when in neutral, then it is a faulty input shaft bearing. But if the noise stops along with the vehicle, then it is a faulty output shaft bearing.

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Sudden slips in gear

This is one of the worst problems in a faulty input shaft bearing. The vehicle will suddenly shift gears when you step on the clutch. Faulty input shaft bearing issues will cause too much movement, and gear shafts will not be properly aligned, hence the slipups. Slipping gears can be dangerous and cause damage to your vehicle, so it’s best to fix the issue as soon as possible.

The Strange noise goes away when you touch the clutch pedal
One of the symptoms of bad input shaft bearing is that the strange noise from the car stops as soon as you press the clutch pedal. This is because when you touch the clutch, the input shaft bearing will stop turning, and the noise will disappear. The clutch system disconnects engine rotation to transmission.

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If you are having a bad input shaft bearing issue in your car, you will feel vibrations coming from the shifter. The vibrations, just like the strange noises, may remain even when the vehicle is in neutral.

Watch this video for more information on diagnosing faulty input shaft bearing.

Bad Input Shaft Bearing Symptoms: Conclusion

If you are having bad input shaft bearing issues in your vehicle, you will be able to recognize it with many symptoms. These symptoms include strange noises even when the car is in neutral, vibrations and sudden gear slips. It is best to have this issue sorted out as soon as possible, or it might lead to some serious and more expensive damages to your car.

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