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All you need to know about Ford F-650

Ford F-650s are commercial medium-duty work trucks manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company. The F-650 is a part of Ford’s F-Series; however, it is positioned higher than Ford’s Super Duty range of work trucks. The biggest vehicles manufactured by Ford today are the Ford F-650 and F-750 work trucks.

Ford has been manufacturing its F-Series of medium-duty work trucks since 1948. The Ford F-650 was a replacement for the outgoing Ford F-800; however, it didn’t join the range until the seventh generation in 2000. The Ford F-650 may be purchased in two-door, four-door, or SuperCab forms and is part of the eighth generation of Ford F-Series medium-duty work trucks. Because of their size and abilities, F-650s are often used to help with tasks like landscaping, construction, demolition, utilities, freight, snowplowing, refrigeration, and armored transport.

Ford F-650

Though the F-650 isn’t technically a monster truck, it’s about as close as you can get to one with a regular pickup truck. The F-650 competes in price with Ford’s supercar, the Ford GT, and is one of the most costly automobiles Ford offers. Ford’s F-150 pickup is the best-selling car in the United States, so it’s surprising that the F-650, a larger and more powerful version of the same truck, is so little known. For the high price, there’s no reason to buy this extra-large super truck for anything other than business and industry.

Although the F-650 could set you back an arm, a leg, and a few more organs, a mere $150,000 will not get you a lot of comforts inside. In reality, there are F-series trucks available in less expensive trim levels that provide more features for the same price, although these vehicles obviously aren’t monster trucks. That may seem like a huge setback, but it might actually serve the vehicle’s larger goal. You can drive it off-road and through mud without worrying about soiling the leather upholstery. The F-650 is not meant to be a luxury vehicle but rather a workhorse.

Ford F-650

One of two diesel engines is housed beneath the hood of these massive trucks, and neither one is particularly powerful or efficient. Owning a vehicle that looks like the big bully on the road is fascinating, but unless you truly want a Ford truck costing $150,000, you’re probably going to purchase something a lot cooler for the same amount.

But our data shows that Medium Duty is not a very popular model. Each year, about 15,000 units are made of this model. Medium-duty trucks, such as the F-650 and F-750, are a specialized market segment. Lighter-duty alternatives, such as the F-150, are more common since they can double as personal and work vehicles.

In 2016, annual sales of medium-duty vehicles hit an all-time high. Between January and August of 2016, Ford reported selling 10,160 F-650 and F-750 vehicles. This eight-month sum was the strongest sales period for the Medium Duty line since 1997, and it was higher than sales data for the full 2015 year.

Ford’s relocation of medium-duty truck manufacturing from Mexico to the United States is a contributing factor to the uptick in sales. With more manufacturing space, sales were able to rise as a result of the change.

Ford F-650

A lot of people think that the appealing engine choices available in the Medium Duty have contributed to its rising popularity. Customers were particularly attracted by the gasoline-powered 7.3-liter V8 engine’s lower fuel expenses.

Even though Ford’s sales of Class 1–7 commercial vehicles will never be very high (about 15,000 units should be delivered by the end of the year), the Blue Oval is the only company that makes cars for every business. If only Ford would sell these hulking brutes with a 10-foot truck bed and an air-ride suspension. What a fantastic towing vehicle it would be!

Ford F-650

Given its 26,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating, our summertime journey in an F-650 dump truck with a V-10 gas engine proved to be a really pleasant experience.

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