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Toyota truck owners have said they won’t replace their current vehicle

Fans of the Toyota brand are always being born as the company’s products gain new devotees. Toyotas are known to last for decades despite their high initial cost. Putting on the miles is par for the course with Toyotas. For the most part with their vehicles.

Toyota Sequoia, Tundra, and Tacoma have stood the test of time, so it’s not unusual to find an older model still chugging along. Some Toyota truck owners have said they won’t replace their current vehicle with another Toyota, while Toyota loyalists are all in. Trucks with odometer readings ranging from 83,000 miles to more than 300,000 miles are featured in this episode of The Fast Lane Trucks. Not terrible, although I hear they aren’t as dependable as Toyota claims.

Toyota trucks

Toyota Tacoma 2014

83 thousand miles are seen on the odometer in the video. The buyer claims he was attracted to the truck’s high resale value. The poor gas mileage and outmoded cabin don’t impress him too much.

The 2014 Tacoma pickup truck’s owner, though, raves about how dependable it is. This is not an “enjoyable” automobile, thus he will not be purchasing another one. It does its job as an industrial vehicle.

The car always fires right up, but its owner wishes he or she had something more modern and entertaining to drive. He said that the Chevrolet Colorado or the Ford Ranger would be good options for him the next time around.

Toyota Tacoma, the Year 2007

The owner of this one clearly enjoys it despite the fact that it has 161,000 kilometers on it. This truck has been in his family for years and has never let them down. It has always been reliable transport for him, his wife, and their little kid. He particularly praises the composite truck bed and notes that the vehicles have been reliable for his family.

TFL vehicles We did, however, see some rust and corrosion on the bolts and tie-downs in the pickup bed. Not bad for a vehicle that is almost a decade old and has racked up over 160,000 kilometers.

Toyota trucks

This Tundra is a 2006 Toyota

The owner of this vehicle describes himself as a “fanboy” of Toyota vehicles. The Tundra he drives has over 200,000 miles on it, and he still loves it. It can hold three car seats in the back, shoulder to shoulder. The owner claims he has just performed oil changes and brake work on this vehicle.

His family, an ATV, and a trailer can all fit in his 2006 Toyota Tundra, which is in good enough shape to tow both. Besides being his everyday transportation and tool for towing automobiles, he utilizes the truck for work. The clear coat is the only thing he has ever had trouble with. It seems like the clear finish on this Tacoma faded off rapidly, allowing the rust to set in. The corrosion on his vehicle had to be fixed, and he ended up having to repaint the entire thing.

Toyobaru Sequoia 2002

Like the Tundra, this Toyota pickup is powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine. The previous owner of a Ford Expedition was impressed by how dependable his Sequoia is mechanical.

But he did tell about the time his Sequoia broke down and left his wife stranded on the side of the road. An overheated day resulted in a broken fan blade that left her stranded beneath the hood until assistance arrived. Affordability and accessibility were two selling points the owner emphasized while discussing the repair in question.

Toyota trucks

The owner was also able to quickly track down replacement components for the Toyota’s infamously difficult-to-fix locked ignition. In spite of the fact that he had to fix the hatch’s external handle, the car’s inside was surprisingly spotless.

Vehicle: 2000 Toyota Tundra

That’s a lot of miles for a pickup truck, but this Tundra has 320,000. It serves its intended purpose and has the reliable Toyota V8 that drivers everywhere have come to know and appreciate. The owner claims he has done virtually little to keep the vehicle running well throughout the years.

All right, Toyota pickups are dependable.

Due to these vehicles’ low maintenance needs and lengthy service lives, it is reasonable to reach such a conclusion. “It’s true that Toyota vehicles are dependable.” Since they are mechanically sound and seldom need major repairs, they are a dependable option.

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