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vehicle speed sensor normally gets stuck with mud and tar immediately. There are other factors to consider while diagnosing issues with your vehicle’s speed sensor. Transmission, speedometer, ABS, power steering, and cruise control might all be impacted. Vehicle speed sensors are similar to wheel speed sensors in how they function.

If you discover any of the issues mentioned above with your car, it’s best to start troubleshooting as soon as possible so you can solve it before it gets worse. Putting off a diagnosis and repair will result in higher expenses down the road. The speed sensor may be easily tested without the help of a specialist or any expensive tools.

vehicle speed sensor

The vehicle speed sensor is important for the engine to work right, so if it breaks, it needs to be fixed or replaced. All of the engine’s sensors have to work right for the computer to be able to control the mechanism as planned.

How to Diagnose a Broken Speedometer in Your Car

The speedometer gets the vehicle’s velocity data from the gearbox and driveshaft. The engine control unit (ECU) translates the driveshaft’s rotational speed into linear speed and sends that data to the speedometer. If the car’s speedometer is broken, the electronic control unit (ECU) cannot be understood.

Having a broken speedometer might endanger the driver’s safety. This is a list of red flags to keep an eye out for:

The needle on the speedometer has stopped moving. One of the speed sensors or the speedometer’s central processing unit is broken. In older vehicles, the malfunction is often the result of frayed or broken wires.

The vehicle’s trouble warning light has been illuminated. This occurs when a malfunctioning sensor renders the ECU’s data useless. That’s what makes the speedometer act funny, too.

vehicle speed sensor
Hand a man with Car thermostat for maintenance

Assessing Resistance

You may recognize a sensor of the variable reluctance kind by the presence of a wire-wrapped permanent magnet. It features a partially collapsing magnetic field because of a toothed ring. A voltage will be generated in the wire around the magnet as the magnetic field weakens.

The ohmmeter will show you whether this is true. If the reading goes to infinity, that means there is no current passing through. It will remain on the same side of the ohmmeter as when the probes are not touching if you’re using an analog ohmmeter to measure resistance. Using a digital ohmmeter will provide an empty reading.

Where can I find the speed sensor for an automatic transmission?

Specifically, a magnetic sensor gives the necessary GHT-F data for the transmission to shift properly. It also helps her keep track of her internal revs and tell her control unit what they are. Apply this information to determine the speed of rotation. When your automobile starts experiencing issues and showing fault codes, it’s just as crucial as the gearbox. Sure, you’d want to know what’s causing it. Is there a problem if you don’t have the coordinates? And what are your plans moving forward?

vehicle speed sensor


The speed sensor on a car, which is also called a transmission speed sensor, measures how much torque the gearbox puts out when it changes gears. The sensor wouldn’t be there if the torque converter failed or if the gears weren’t changed right.


The vehicle speed sensor, or VSS, is close to the gearbox’s output shaft. Because of where it is placed, the attached sensor can tell how fast and how fast the shaft is turning and send that information to the engine’s computer through the cables.

Anti-lock braking systems benefit from speed sensors. The information from the sensor is used by the brake system to figure out how much pressure needs to be put on the brakes to keep the car from skidding and slipping.


Vehicle-specific speed sensors are available. If your vehicle’s speed sensor fails, your best bet is to call a mechanic or look it up in the manual.

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