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Is there too much oil in car white smoke coming from your car?

Oil is essential for the smooth running of your car. It lubricates the moving parts of your car and prevents friction. Oil increases the fuel efficiency of your car. 

But too much of a good thing can be bad, even for your car. 

One of the symptoms of having too much oil in the car is that you see white smoke emissions. White smoke can come out of a running car due to various reasons, and excess oil is one of them. 

Too Much Oil in Car White Smoke Coming From Car!

When there is too much oil in the car, it can leak and seep into the combustion chamber. When you overfill the oil, it can flow through the piston rings and valve seals and get into the cylinder. When the oil is mixed with fuel and air and then burnt, it produces white smoke. 

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Why is there white smoke coming from my car’s exhaust?

White smoke is emitted from the exhaust if there is too much oil in the car. The excess oil will overflow from the tank, pass through the piston rings and valve seals and get into the cylinder. 

Another reason why you might be getting white smoke from your exhaust is that the oil you are using is synthetic oil. Unlike mineral oil, synthetic oil can clean soot and dirt that have clogged the tank, valve and cylinder. This cleaning causes excess oil that flow into the combustion chamber and results in white smoke.

If the oil you have used for your car is not according to the manufacturer’s specifications, too, it will result in white smoke emissions.

Some fluids, like antifreeze, can also cause white smoke emissions. 

Effects of putting too much oil in your car

The oil containers in your car should only be filled according to instructions or the amount specified. The amount specified in the oil pan is taking into consideration the fluid heat expansion and the pressure of oil on components. If you fill it with too much, you will get white smoke or oil leakage.  

Putting too much oil in your car can potentially damage your vehicle in many ways. 

  • It will affect the crankshaft heads and tails.

If you put too much oil in the engine, it leads to extra pressure on the crankshaft and tails and can lead to leaks. It can also damage the clutch if this occurs on the flywheel end of the shaft.

  • Damage to the crankshaft

Too much oil will lead to too much friction, and the crankshaft can be damaged.

  • Increased wear and tear

If the amount of oil is not correct, the lubrication of parts will not be as efficient, and this will lead to more wear and tear of vehicle parts. 

  • The engine can get damaged.

Too much oil can cause the pressure on the crankshaft to increase. When the excess oil enters the crankshaft exhaust pipe, runs through the combustion chamber and blocks the suction hose, it can lead to potential engine overload. It can also lead to bent engine rods and collapsed valve pipes. 

  • Spoil spark plugs

Excess oil can get into spark plugs, and they will need to be replaced. 

Watch this for more symptoms of excess oil in car.

How much oil is correct for your car?

You need about 4-8 liters of oil for your car. But this amount differs from vehicle to vehicle. 

Four-cylinder engines will need about 4.5 liters of oil, six-cylinder engines will need about 5.5 liters of oil, and eight-cylinder engines will need about 7.5 liters of oil.  

To check the exact amount of oil your vehicle needs, check the lubrication section of your vehicle’s owner’s manual. 

What to do if there is excess oil in the car?

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If there is too much oil in your car, you must tow it to a car body shop to have the excess oil drained. If you are unable to do so, then you can try draining the excess oil yourself. 

  1. Open your vehicle’s bonnet and remove the dipstick.
  2. Wipe the dipstick clean with a dry cloth.
  3. Insert the dipstick fully, and remember to keep it straight. 
  4. Pull it out to check the oil level. Compare it with the minimum and maximum ark of the dipstick. 
  5. If the oil is too much, you will need to drain the excess oil.
  6. Position the drain pan beneath the oil drain plug that is situated on the engine block.
  7. Unscrew the oil drain plug and let the excess oil drain. 
  8. Check the oil level again using the dipstick.
  9. If you have over-drained, refill again, but below the maximum level on the dipstick.

Too Much Oil in Car White Smoke: Summary

If there is too much oil in your car, you might see white smoke emissions. Too much oil can further damage your vehicle in other ways. So, if you see white smoke coming from your car, it’s best to stop driving and have the issue sorted. Check the oil level using the dipstick and drain away excess oil. If you are unsure about doing the job yourself, have your vehicle towed to the nearest body shop.

Too Much Oil in Car White Smoke

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