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A simple Nissan key fob battery change will solve your problems in most circumstances, so you shouldn’t need to replace your key fob just yet. However, how to open a Nissan key fob?

Your Nissan Intelligent Key is capable of much more than simply locking and unlocking your vehicle. Nissan’s Intelligent Key is a cutting-edge technology that gives you additional control over your car via remote control.

Without getting out of your Nissan, you can lock and unlock the doors, open and close the trunk, and start it. You’ve been utilizing the keyless entry system in your automobile. But what happens if your key fob suddenly stops working? A dead battery may cause the problem.

Fact: According to industry standards, the essential fob batteries should get replaced every two years. The batteries are inexpensive, so it’s a good investment.

If the battery in your Nissan key fob has died and you’re not sure how to replace it, continue reading further below. We’ll also show you how to start your Nissan even if the battery is dead. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional inquiries.

What Is Nissan Intelligent Key? 

Nissan’s latest automobiles come with a lot of cutting-edge technology. The Nissan Intelligent Key is a feature offered on various Nissan cars. This electronic key allows you to start your vehicle, lock and unlock your doors, and even remotely start equipped cars.

The Nissan Intelligent Key is available in several new Nissan cars, including the Versa Note 2015, Maxima 2016, and Murano 2015. Both the Intelligent Key and the automobile have antennae that carry signals back and forth. Any signal supplied to the car will be processed by the car’s tuner, which will make the necessary change.

Of course, modern conveniences, including key fobs, can fail, and a dead battery is the most prevalent cause of failure. So, you have made your plan of changing batteries, and now you are wondering, how do you open a Nissan key fob? then keep reading the steps mentioned in the next section.

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Note: Your crucial fob may or may not operate with a brand new battery. Ascertain that the battery is in the proper war round. If you have a multimeter, try swapping out the batteries. When it comes to batteries, we recommend purchasing name-brand models. The dollar shop batteries are inexpensive for a reason!

How To Open Nissan Key Fob – Step By Step Guide

 To get started with How To Open Nissan Key Fob, follow the below steps

  • Step#1: Remove the metal key if your keyfob comes with one
  • Step#2: Locate the open notch between the front and back portions of the key fob on the top of the fob. In the gap, use a flathead screwdriver. Separate the front and rear fob sections utilizing the screwdriver. A plastic wedge can also get used to separate the key housing.
  • Step#3: Remove the old CR2025 battery and replace it with the new one. Make a mental note of how the batteries are oriented. The battery should not get rotated. Make sure the battery’s negative side is towards you.
  • Step#4: After installing the new battery,  Squeeze the front and rear fob halves together until everything snaps back into place. In the end, place the emergency key in its designated position.

Note: Your Nissan key fob most likely requires a CR2025 battery. See your owner’s handbook or contact the service department to be sure. This way, you’ll know if you have the correct battery for your Nissan model rather than assuming your fob is permanently dead and that you need to replace a Nissan Maxima key fob.

Tips After Nissan Key Fob Battery Replacement

The recommendations may even help you if the battery replacement didn’t work for you

  • It’s possible that the key fob’s programming has got corrupted. For a modest fee, your Nissan store will reset the key fobs, which may solve all of your problems.
  • Spring steel terminals can oxidize over time, resulting in a weak connection to the battery. Replace the battery and clean the terminals.
  • The buttons get connected to a tiny circuit board within the key fob. It is feasible to resolder them if they have gotten loose.

Fact: When you replace the battery in your key fob, you must do it fast. The key fob’s memory might get lost if the battery gets kept out for more than 30 seconds.

How To Program Nissan Key Fob?

  • To begin the Nissan Intelligent Key programming procedure, get into the vehicle using the key and lock the doors.
  • Insert and remove the ignition key within 10 seconds. The vehicle’s interior and exterior lights will flash if the operation is successful. If nothing happens, try again, as time is crucial in this situation.
  • You enter program mode when the lights flash. Press any button on the Nissan Intelligent Key immediately after turning the key to activate it. To be successful, this must get completed rapidly.
  • Wait about 10 seconds before removing the ignition key, exiting the vehicle, and attempting to use the key fob. It should now function properly.

Bottom Line

A critical fob malfunction may be a frustrating experience. When you replace the battery in your Nissan smart key, you may resume using the key fob to enter and start your car. You now know how to change the battery and configure your Nissan intelligent key by following the outlined steps. If you don’t have a functional fob, you’ll also need to know how to start your Nissan with a dead key fob.

If your car has a crucial fob port, insert the fob and push the START/STOP button while tapping the brake pedal or clutch. However, you won’t utilize this approach with newer Nissan automobiles since the key gets not included within the key fob. If your key fob continues to malfunction after the battery changes, you may require a Nissan key fob replacement. Make an appointment with the qualified team for a service call.

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