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We’ll show you how to hide a camera in your car and discuss some of the essential factors to consider.

Every vehicle owner is conscious of how costly it is to purchase, maintain, and carry auto insurance. The terrifying thing that could occur to an owner of the car is having their vehicle stolen.

It is difficult for the authorities to locate a missing vehicle when there are no tracks to pursue. On the other hand, cameras have proven to produce sharp and clear films and photographs.

They are a crucial aspect of house, property, and vehicle protection. As a result, having a concealed camera in your car could be prudent. 

Keep reading to discover the safest hidden spots for your camera.

Advantages Of Placing A Secret Camera In A Vehicle

Cameras are effective in producing crisp, vivid pictures and recordings. And that’s why they help improve security in our homes, workplaces, businesses, and automobiles.

With the increasing number of car-related crimes, one should deploy cameras in vehicles. It means you can get good footage of your car’s interior and exterior, as well as hear what’s going on inside.

Note: Cameras aren’t simply for snapping selfies. Interestingly, they also get utilized to watch our properties and track movement.

If you know How Can You Hide A Camera In Your Car, You’ll have plenty of advantages at your disposal. Suppose, if an invader strikes, you’ll be likely to identify them and submit proof for the inquiry.

While your road excursions, you can record moments with your dear ones as well as the scenery.

How To Hide A Camera In Your Car?

The following are some strategies for how can you hide a camera in your car

Proper Camera Positioning

To capture everything that happens in your vehicle. Make sure that the camera gets appropriately disguised within your car. It would help if you concealed it in areas where no one would expect to find it.

A camera installed in a public position, such as a dashboard, has the potential to be recognized by an unauthorized person. You can position the camera behind the driving seat of the automobile.

Use Any Decor Item to Disguise your Camera

You could even be innovative by disguising your camera in a fancy item, such as clip-on sunglasses. Alternatively, any huge item hanging from the rear-view mirror will suffice.

You could also use a reusable garbage bag, which you can tie behind your car’s front seat, and it prevents an unknown individual from spotting your camera.

Cover Your Camera In Various Sections Of The Vehicle

It may need a little more work. However, concealing your camera within the automobile will render it undetected. A camera could be hidden in your automobile seat cover or even towards the rear of the front seat.

Note: You can use speakers and internal vents as hiding places. Even if it is a little tricky, it is the most effective approach to safely conceal a camera in your automobile.

Vision At Night

If you want to ensure a clear video throughout the night, park the automobile. You may choose a camera that has night vision capabilities.

Ensure that the cam is not in sight of the glass pane when you hide it for night viewing. Because of the Infrared glare, if the camera gets directed at a window, the image will get distorted.

Consider Buying A Small Camera

Compared to a large, unwieldy camera, a compact camera is always easier to carry. Small cams, such as micro cameras, may well be concealed within a tissue box or other artistic element on your dashboard.

As a result, spend the additional money on a compact, easy-to-use camera which can get concealed anywhere.

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Where Could You Put A Camera In vehicle?

The following are some spots in your automobile where you can conceal a camera:

Windshield or Rearview Mirror

A camera concealed in your car’s windshield or rear-view mirror will be tough to notice.


You can place a false camera in plain sight, and it will draw focus off from the actual camera. The invader will avoid being captured on video by the false camera. On the other hand, the actual camera will watch and film him.

It is an excellent tactic for fooling an invader. You can purchase a fake camera at any hardware shop or even online.


You can conceal your surveillance camera within the car’s speaker. Never attempt to perform this on your own. Ask a professional to assist you in hiding a camera within the speakers.

Although it is a complex procedure, it is doable. Such a service is not widely available.


You can conceal your camera from anything that can get found on your dashboard, such as sunglass frames. You can also experiment with artistic items that can get mounted on the rear-view mirror.

It becomes more difficult if you have to conceal the camera in confined locations, such as the trunk of a vehicle. However, you can’t argue it’s unattainable at the same time. It is an ideal way to cover up items.

Bottom Line

A surveillance camera is worthless if it gets incorrectly hidden in an out-of-the-way location. So, concealing a surveillance camera is a critical step in keeping your vehicle secure.

A surveillance camera will maintain a steady eye and alert you about any unwelcome behavior inside the car. When you have a safe network connection, you may also watch the live stream on your mobile device.

If you buy a spy camera, you may spend a few more dollars to purchase a night vision camera to boost your safety. As a result, we covered all you need to know about hiding a camera in your automobile in this post.

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