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Are you got here seeking answers to, Why Does My Dashcam Keep Turning Off? In that case, we’ll show you how to restore it and highlight some essential variables to consider.

Even if you’re a first-time dashcam user or have owned a dashcam ever since difficulties might arise whenever you least anticipate them, technology is terrific. Still, it may cause problems for owners when a gadget fails to function correctly. And, whereas you can toss away a less expensive device, you’ve invested a significant amount of money on a dashcam. 

Let’s troubleshoot the most common faults you’re likely to encounter, as well as a set of procedures you may do to protect the dashcam. Keep reading to get the answers you need.

Why Does Dashcam Constantly Turn Off?

It’s inconvenient to have a problem on significant occasions. You keep wondering why My Dashcam keeps turning off when you need it to be working fine. You could think about tossing it out of the window.

Before you surrender to that temptation, keep in mind that calmer heads triumph. We looked into the issue and discovered that it was widespread. More interestingly, it’s relatively easy to restore. We’ve gathered a list of the most familiar problems and quick fixes for the cameras we’ve tested.

Note: Dashcam issues arise for several reasons. Firmware, Memory card, temperature, and design errors can all relate to an unusable gadget.

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Why Does My Dashcam Keep Turning Off: How To Fix It?

What occurs if your dashcam quits operating, preventing vital video from being captured? Here are several easy solutions that may assist you got your dashcam working again.

Inspect the Memory Card

If you use the incorrect SD card, the dashcam will continually shut off since it isn’t capturing photos. Class 10 or above must get graded to function with a dashboard camera. You should also ensure that the Memory card doesn’t get graded too high since this might also create compatibility difficulties.

Your dashcam’s functional cards must get mentioned in your owner’s guidebook. Along with ensuring that you’re using the correct SD card, you also need to verify the brand.

Note: SanDisk Memory cards, for instance, are incompatible with some dash cams. Changing brands frequently solves the problem, and it’s less expensive than purchasing a new camera.

Use A Different Power Supply

It’s simple to connect a dashboard camera to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. However, you might observe that the dashcam is sometimes experiencing trouble keeping it switched on.

It might be relevant while other devices connect in and turn on usually. Your car’s lighter might not be sufficient to provide power to the cam, causing it to turn off. Clearing the lighter’s connectors might assist if the electrical charge gets obstructed by dust and dirt.

The dashcam very possibly comes with a power source that plugs into a USB connection. USB plugs are generally standard in the latest model automobiles, which would be one solution for charging your camera.

Note: If your car does not have a USB connector, you may look into other options. Battery packs may fix the issue, but you’ll have to replace the batteries regularly.

Check the Power Cords

Another problem to answer, Why My Dashcam Keeps Turning Off, can relate to power cords. Even high-quality wires deteriorate with time. Cable ends may tear, and cables can get squeezed or kinked.

When this occurs, the power source gets disrupted, and you will have difficulty keeping the camera switched on. Substitute cables are affordable and straightforward to acquire internet or at your nearby appliance store. It should be a simple fix, but having extra cords on the side is also a good idea.

Measure the temperature

Measuring the temperature of the dashcam does not need the use of a thermometer. Your hands will function flawlessly. The goal is to determine if the power outages are caused by overheating concerns.

Dashboard cameras are programmed to turn off immediately if they get too hot, and it’s a precaution against overheating. You could take a few precautions to keep your dashcam from overheating. Increase ventilation in the car by lowering windows or turning on the A/C.

Note: Adjusting the dashcam’s location seems another solution for keeping it out of hot regions near the windscreen. Maybe all you got to do is shift the cam out of direct sunlight.

Remove the Back Dashcam from the vehicle

Drivers with front and rear dashcams are not prevalent, particularly in bigger cars. When there is insufficient power for both cameras, the devices will switch off. When not in use, one method is to switch off the rear dashcam.

The back camera is often just required for parking. The back camera is not as vital for everyone as the rest of the dashcam’s features. There shouldn’t be any issues shutting off with just one camera consuming power.

Restore the Dashcam

Quite often, the simplest way is the most effective. But, as per dashcam providers, it’s also the final one you should attempt. You often restore your dashcam to the default settings, which deletes any data you may have stored. Before you begin, you will require a gem clip or a sharp pin and a small button the size of a pinhole to get located on your dashcam.

Note: Hold firmly on the button for the next few seconds with a gem clip or a pin. Release the button, and the dashcam will resume when you start the engine.

Firmware Upgrading

Your dashcam may include firmware that has to get updated on occasion. It functions the same way as any laptop or smart device. The manufacturer distributes updates regularly, which you must apply to guarantee maximum potential.

Bottom Line:

It’s aggravating to have your dashcam shut down for no apparent cause. Fortunately, most of the time, it is a simple fix. Let’s hope a few of the strategies listed above did work for you, and your vehicle camera is now functioning normally. 

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