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What’s the process for ordering a new Toyota exactly?

What’s the process for ordering a new Toyota exactly? Due to supply chain issues and chip shortages brought on by the pandemic, it is difficult to find a new car in today’s market. The majority of dealerships do not have a lot of vehicles available, and even if they do, the few that they do have may not have the features you require or cost more than you anticipated. Thankfully, Edmunds experts have a solution for you.

What's the process for ordering a new Toyota exactly?

A little-known way to save time searching for a vehicle that meets your needs is to order a build-to-order vehicle from the manufacturer. This ensures that you will receive the exact vehicle, color, and options you desire. The dealership typically arranges for this “special-order vehicle,” as it is sometimes referred to, but for some brands, ordering online is the only option.

In addition, it is a method for avoiding vendor markups, also referred to as “market changes,” which are increasingly common. When you place a custom order, you might not always receive a discount, but you might get a better deal than if you bought it in bulk.

Dillon Griffith, a Fresno, California, native who custom-ordered a Subaru Outback in 2021 after becoming dissatisfied with the absence of Outbacks in dealer inventory, stated, “I was surprised by how easy it was.” He continued, “I sat down with the salesman, and he went over the order guide with me.”

What then is the catch? If you want an electric car from a smaller manufacturer like Tesla, Lucid, or Rivian, you will need to be patient because the process can take anywhere from six to eight weeks for a domestic car and three months for an international car. For his situation, Griffith was given a time frame of three to four months, and his Subaru was shipped close to the end of that time.

From receiving your order to making arrangements for delivery, your local dealer will be the one who actually places the order with the factory and will be your point of contact throughout the entire process. Therefore, select your dealership and salesperson in the same manner as you would if you purchased a car from a lot. To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, read reviews left by others who have purchased there and talk to friends who have also done so.

What's the process for ordering a new Toyota exactly?

However, at any given time, you won’t be able to order your vehicle from every automaker. Toyota and Honda dealers, for instance, place vehicle orders quarterly. To order a specific vehicle, you must contact the fleet manager before the quarterly order deadline.

Due to the limited supply, customizing a highly anticipated new vehicle can also be challenging. Additionally, the dealership may not be able to select which hot car models it receives. The vehicle allocation for the initial shipment will be determined by the manufacturers based on previous model year sales records. Assuming a vendor failed to meet expectations in deals of a specific model, almost certainly, less of the later models will be relegated to it.

Production line request cars bought straightforwardly from the maker are genuinely exceptional in this day and age. A manufacturer cannot sell directly to customers without a franchised dealership in several states. This strategy is currently used by a number of brands, including Lucid, Rivian, and Tesla.

Purchasing a car from these brands is fairly simple. Simply visit the manufacturer’s website, select the vehicle you want, customize it, and then send in your request. There is no room for negotiation, so the price you see online is the price you pay. A reservation or order fee, which may vary by automaker, will also require customers to wait for the vehicle to be delivered before they can pay.

When you place an order with the manufacturer, you can have a vehicle exactly how you want it. You might want a color that matches the logo of your business or a unique interior trim or option. Your problems are solved with special orders. You get the vehicle exactly as you wanted it, rather than installing parts and accessories of questionable quality from the aftermarket or getting a new paint job from a third party.

It is a more cost-effective option than relying on businesses other than the manufacturer to manufacture the vehicle to your specifications, despite the fact that it may cost more up front.

Any vehicle purchase necessitates negotiation, and special orders are no exception. The planning of your dealings is urgent. After the car has already been ordered, it will be difficult to lower the price because it was made just for you. By pre-negotiating, you demonstrate to the dealer that you mean business and are willing to compromise.

By solely concentrating on the numbers, dealers stock their lots. The majority of their stock is made up of the colors, trims, and models with the highest sales rates. As a result, don’t be surprised if you don’t see a bright pink truck with plaid leather seats when you arrive at the dealership.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, your car may not be on the lot because it is so popular with customers or because a marketing or sales campaign was successful. You don’t have to let your dream car idea die here, no matter the reason.

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