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One of the annoyances you face when using a car is the hassle of maintaining your Car. The only solution for safer driving and longevity is your strategy to support your Car. There’s no risk of an accident with proper car maintenance, such as an engine failure or an explosion.

 Do you also have problems maintaining your Car? You do not have to be very experienced in cars to ensure the smooth running of your Car. How to Maintain your Car more efficiently while saving time, labor, and money?

First, let’s discuss some things you all know well but do not pay much attention to maintaining your Car.

  • When driving long distances using your Car, do not forget to clean your Car better after driving on dusty and dirt roads. You can do a carwash with a high-pressure jet. Careful cleaning and polishing of the Car’s exterior should be done to keep the exterior clean during maintenance. Your Car should be polished with wax to prevent damage to the paint on the Car.
  • When maintaining your Car, checking and repairing or replacing drive belts is also a good idea. Then, if the drive belt is damaged, you can return it. In addition, if you do your car maintenance well, things like premature drive belt breakdown will not happen.
  • If you make sure not to use the Car for shorter trips, you can limit your Car’s fuel consumption. For example, did you know that a car engine emits a much more significant emission when it starts operating than at average temperatures? So do not use the Car for short trips in winter.
  • Also, make sure you change gears more smoothly when you maintain the Car. You may be aware of changing gears, but the equipment will usually degrade very quickly if you make a sudden shift.
  • Always check your Car’s AC system when maintaining it. If you do not replace the relevant chemicals properly, the damage to the compressor is enormous. Therefore, the AC system should be checked at least once every three years when maintaining your Car.

Tips that can help you maintain your Car

Inspecting and maintaining the car battery

You need to pay close attention to the battery when maintaining your car because the car battery carries a lot of workloads, from activating the electrical systems to powering the engine. Therefore no matter how much you keep your Car, if its battery is weak, it is risky to stop all at once as the Car will not crank out. 

In addition, if you leave your car in the garage for a long time and do not use it, the battery may deteriorate. You will need to use a tricycle charger or have the Car run at least once a week. When maintaining your Car, be sure to check the fluid volume of the car battery if it is an acid battery.

Maintenance of air filter

Air filters are an integral part of maintaining your Car. However, the air filter is more important for the smooth running of the Car. In an air filter, the removal of contaminants from the air as the indoor air mixes with the atmospheric air. It’s an essential element to consider when using your Car for maintenance, as the air filter comes with it every time you start the engine.

Maintaining fluid levels

When maintaining your Car, pay close attention to the fluid levels of the transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. Like these, keep in mind that engine oil contributes to your Car’s engine. Therefore, if you own a low transmission fluid level in the car, your transmission problems may be more severe. 

In addition, the coolant can maintain the engine’s internal temperature properly. Therefore it is always essential to have these at the proper level. Also, make sure that there are no fluid leaks during your Car’s maintenance.

Pressure test of tires

Checking the quality of the tires can be a mandatory part of maintaining your Car. If the tire is in better pressure condition, you can see the road as it sticks uniformly. If that pressure is much high or too low, it can put a lot of pressure on the suspension. You can quickly test this and look for tire four snow pressure every time you use your Car for maintenance. A less inflated tire also increases your Car’s fuel consumption.

Checking the spark plug

By replacing the spark plug and lead in the Car, you will be able to run the engine successfully. Care should be taken when maintaining your Car if it shows poor properties such as a spark plug, a brown electrode, or an increase in the gap between the insulators. If you notice any signs of lead or cracks in the information during your Car’s maintenance, they should be replaced. You’ll need to maintain your vehicle for a distance of 50,000 to 80,000 miles. That is, you need to replace the spark plug in your Car.

Maintenance for Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers Maintenance is mandatory maintenance of your Car. If you use unmaintained windshield wipers while driving in heavy rain or snow, the risk of accidents is high. Rotten Windshield Wipers can also scratch the windshield of your car. However, you can easily replace it at no extra cost.

Things you can do yourself when maintaining your Car

Maintaining your car can cost you a lot of money, from changing the oil to many other maintenance tasks. But if you can keep your Car yourself, how easy is it to get it done there? You will need a few short tools for this.

Cleaning the car headlights

Cloud-filled headlight glass can lead to many accidents when you drive in the dark at night. However, you no longer have to spend money to replace it. Instead, you can get a headlight at an auto parts store for a small fee. Following the instructions, it can then be set up to give you a night vision. However, some also suggest many traditional methods for cleaning headlights, such as toothpaste.

Checking the fuse box

You can check and replace the fuses yourself during your Car’s maintenance. When this decays, your Car’s turn signals may crash. The most significant damage can be caused by the vehicle exploding quickly in the event of any electrical blockage. You can find out which fuse it could be and replace the blown fuse with another one.

Filter replacement

During your Car’s maintenance, the filters should be kept clean to prevent damage such as oil spills and blockage of the AC system. Filters can become clogged and discolored, and you can clean them, remove the filter cap, and replace one inside. Most of the air filters available in the market are very cheap, and this is an easy task to do yourself.

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