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Is Tesla waterproof? Don’t be so weird. We know that you are someone that wishes to buy Tesla in 2023. Deciding to purchase an electric vehicle like a Tesla is undoubtedly a big step for you. Many factors, such as their battery life, range, or available charging options, might worry you. How well EV buyers can manage water, however, is one of their main worries. So, you might wonder if Tesla batteries are waterproof or not.

Tesla is waterproof and stops water entry for a brief period. The battery pack and motor are also sealed and enclosed to stay dry while driving in the water. Additionally, Tesla has upgraded the Model S with a brand-new feature called “boat mode.”

Read this article if you’re interested in learning more about how well Teslas handle water and whether they’re waterproof. We’ll examine Tesla’s ability to move through the water to determine whether it can submerge. Additionally, we’ll explain how risk-free electric vehicles are when they come into contact with water.

What Tesla Does with Water

Because of recent climate changes and global warming, heavy rainstorms, storms, and floods have become more frequent. Many drivers are very concerned about the rise in water-related disasters. Regular gas-powered vehicles’ exhaust and air intake pipes can cause their engines to stall in deep water, but electric vehicles, notably Tesla, fare pretty well.


Can Tesla Withstand Flooding?

Tesla’s doors, windows, hood, and trunk are all sealed to keep water out while traversing floodwaters. Its battery pack and motor are well-sealed and enclosed to remain dry in various wet environments. Metal components may gradually corrode if water enters the vehicle. Stay away from deep water as much as you can, and never leave your Tesla in flood for an extended period.

Real-life Stories for Is Tesla Waterproof?

Once, it drew the world to footage of a Tesla Model S being driven through a flood in Kazakhstan. Even some videos of the Tesla conducting flood tests in Shanghai, China, have since become popular online that time. The car can easily wade through water and, in extreme circumstances, submerge thanks to a new feature called “boat mode.”

The Submarine Mode in Tesla

A hidden mode on Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S lets you transform the display into a submarine. A login menu will appear if you place your hand on the Tesla logo at the top of the car’s screen; enter the code “007” to switch into James Bond mode. Living out your 007 agent fantasies is just a fun experience provided as part of the v5.9 software upgrade.

Tesla’s Safety in Water


Nearly all-electric vehicles, including Teslas, are relatively safe in the water; if they weren’t, no safety regulatory body would permit them to enter the market. Before being launched, they successfully passed several tests and earned the authorities’ trust.

Despite what you may have heard, there are no known cases of electroshocking in Tesla crashes or other accidents. Several safety precautions are in place to prevent risks even though the voltage of Tesla battery packs ranges from 300 to more than 400 Volts, and direct contact with them can be fatal. For instance, circuit breakers would automatically disconnect power and isolate the battery pack in the event of a collision or short circuit. If a small amount of water enters the electrical system, these circuit breakers trip and cut off the power.

Even turning off the car can stop the power flow from the batteries, rendering even the high-voltage cables powerless. For added safety, these cables are bright orange to warn against contact.

Final note for the question “Is Tesla Waterproof”

Tesla cars are some of the most exciting vehicles on the road, but there’s one thing that might be less exciting: the water-resistant properties of their interiors. Sure, Tesla owners can put their cars into a garage or storage without worrying about getting wet.

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