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The Suzuki Cappuccino Supra

The Suzuki Cappuccino Supra is one amazing vehicle that amazed us in the 21st Century. It is a Japanese Kei car that was meant to excel as a sporty car. The Suzuki Cappuccino is an outstanding vehicle, except for one small flaw. So buckle up! Let’s read on all about the Suzuki Cappuccino Supra and what its big flaw is.

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All About the Suzuki Cappuccino Supra

This fabulous car had a 657cc engine, and because it’s also lightweight, the car’s speed is incredible. The car also had low curb weight, great acceleration, and a brake system. The Suzuki Cappuccino Supra is one of the lightest sports cars ever built.

The size of the Suzuki Cappuccino was only 129.7 inches long, 54.92 inches wide and weighed merely 1598 lbs.
The Cappuccino car had a range of performance hardware that made it a speedy race car. The initial versions of the car used a turbo 657cc DOHC three-cylinder with 64 hp and 63 lbft of torque. It had an 8500 rpm redline, and that encouraged hardcore driving. But later models have more improved design and more power.

The top speed of the Suzuki Cappuccino Supra is 93mph. And like any sports car, it has a 5-speed manual, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel disc brakes to enhance driver involvement and handling.

The small Kei car also had a 50/50 weight distribution, so that it was perfectly balanced when cutting corners.
The Suzuki Cappuccino Supra was an incredibly fun car to drive. Its size made it easy to weave through small streets and twisty roads. It also had a removable top that made the car really seem awesome.

The hard-top roof of the car can be dismantled for a T-bar-style configuration or even removed altogether for a cabriolet-style experience. These dismantled parts can then be stored in the small car’s boot.
The Suzuki Cappuccino is governed by Kei car rules and has definitely made its mark in the sporty car arena. Its tires give an impressive grip, and its narrow body makes it easier to weave through traffic.

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BUT What was its flaw?

The compact, speedy and lightweight design also meant that the Suzuki Cappuccino Supra lacked in one crucial aspect. And that was safety.
Yes. The small sporty car was considered extremely dangerous to drive. While it worked wonders in cutting corners, the same mechanism had the opposite effect during a collision. This sporty Kei car also had no safety structures to protect its occupants.

The Story Behind the Suzuki Cappuccino Supra

The Suzuki Cappuccino is a Kei car. In Japan, Kei cars are the tiniest cars on Japanese roads that are made legal to drive. Kei cars are specially designed for the crowded, busy streets of urban life. It makes driving easier by weaving through traffic jams due to their small, compact sizes.
The government limits engine size to 660cc, and because the Suzuki Cappuccino is incredibly lightweight, driving is fun and easy. This car’s selling point was the fun aspect, too.

The original car was first introduced in Japan in 1991 and stopped production in 1997. The Suzuki Cappuccino is still talked about today as one of the best breeds of sports car.
Soon after the car was released in Japan, Suzuki UK attempted to seek type approval and imported the car to the UK. About 1100 units were manufactured and sold, but color choices were limited to red and silver. Japanese models were sold in eight different shades.

In 1995, there were many innovative changes made to the Cappuccino. The engine was revised to chain drive; it weighed less and had increased torque. The new editions also had alloy wheels, which reduced unsprung weight, and had a three-speed automatic gearbox.
Currently, there are about 670 Suzuki Cappuccino cars in the UK, and more than half are declared SORN.

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Can I Buy a Suzuki Cappuccino Supra today?

Yes, you can, but make sure you seek expert advice before you buy your car. As with most classic cars, it’s best if you look for a car with a complete service history.
Suzuki Cappuccinos are rare but quite affordable, too. You can buy a 100,000-mile car in good condition for about 2000 pounds. Cappuccinos, dated between 1993 and 1995, sell for between 3000-4000 pounds in the UK. The latter Japanese models are considered the most desirable, with low mileage and immaculate condition. These may cost up to 10,000 pounds a car.

The Suzuki Cappuccino Supra Ends

The small Japanese Kei car is still one of the most impressive cars ever made. Its unique technology made it ideal for urban driving as well as really fun and sporty. Most other companies, like Toyota, have created mini cars that follow the same pattern and design as the Cappuccino.

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