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Are you wondering how to reset oil life on Honda Civic? Most traffic-related incidents get caused by a lack of attention to automobile repair and maintenance. Keeping your automobile in good shape becomes more reliable and retains its worth over time.

Oil is one of the essential aspects of keeping your automobile engine in excellent working order. Because the oil lubricates and cools the machine, it must get changed regularly. Oil changes should get done periodically to maintain your automobile running smoothly.

Because it’s tough to remember to change the oil on your own, the Honda Civic includes a built-in function that detects when it’s time for an engine oil change and sends you a maintenance reminder signal. However, you must reset it every time you replace the oil; however, How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic?

Continue reading; after the piece, you will know that resetting the oil life sensor on your Honda is a simple task if you do it yourself.

What Is The Importance of Engine Oil For A Car?

Oil is the breath of your car, lubricating and protecting many of the engine’s critical components from wear and injury. Regular oil changes are an investment that will allow you to use your automobile for many years.

If you do not replace your oil at the recommended intervals, sludge will begin to build up in your engine. Due to heat exposure, old oil degrades over time. The dirtier the oil, the more difficult it is to go where it needs to go. As the engine’s performance gets robbed of gas mileage and horsepower, it will eventually operate less effectively.

Honda Civic Oil Life Indicator

The Honda oil life indicator is a gadget that alerts you when it’s time to replace the oil in your automobile. It eliminates any guessing by assisting you in determining when your vehicle’s oil has reached the end of its useful life.

How much oil does your car need? Know all the crucial details here

Usually, while changing the oil in a car, you should record the date and odometer reading from the last oil change. The Honda oil life indicator eliminates this nuisance; this estimate is based not just on mileage but also on the condition of the vehicle’s oil.

Note: Unlike the fuel gauge on the automobile, the oil life indicator should never get construed as a simple measurement of the amount of oil in the tank, and it measures the oil’s capacity to lubricate the engine effectively.

The onboard computer system in Honda vehicles continually monitors everyday driving circumstances such as speed, engine, and ambient outside temperatures. It determines when an oil change is necessary by calculating the vehicle’s oil life, starting at 100 percent.

Based on these and other performance characteristics, the system displays various percentages and estimates how much oil may get safely stored in a tank. If the reading falls below 5%, the oil has become so uncleanly that it must replace right away before it falls anymore.

Tip: Oil changes are recommended every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, according to experts, and your Honda Civic owner’s handbook should offer a more precise figure for your make and model.

A yellow wrench icon appears when the quality drops below 15%, indicating that servicing will require within the month. It does not imply that the vehicle is unsafe to operate, and this proportion will continue to decrease over time.

How to Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic?

Although certified Honda dealers would reset your Oil Life Indicator as part of the service, if you changed the oil yourself or had the repair done elsewhere, you may manually reset the oil maintenance light with a few simple steps. Follow the below guide, How to Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic on different models

On Honda Civic models from 2016 to 2019, there are two ways to reset the oil life indicator:

Honda model with Driver Information Interface (DII)

  • Step#1: Turn on your Civic’s ignition but don’t start it. Push the start button twice without putting your foot on the brake pedal if your car is a push start.
  • Step#2: You can find Select/Reset on your steering wheel or as a knob on your dashboard. Scroll through or push the knob repeatedly until Engine Oil Indicator percent is shown, depending on your model.
  • Step#3: For 10 seconds, press and hold the Select/Reset button. The Oil Indicator on the Engine will begin to flicker.
  • Step#4: By pressing the Info button on the steering wheel, you may select the Reset mode. Then press the Select/Reset button to bring your oil life back to 100%.

Honda model with Driver Information Interface (DII)

  • Step#1: Push the start button twice without touching the brake to start your Civic without turning it on.
  • Step#2: Keep the TRIP knob pressed down, and it’s hidden away in the instrument panel. The engine oil life option should display due to this activity.
  • Steep#3: Continue pushing the Trip knob until the percentage for Engine Oil Life displays.

Note: It will take more than 10 seconds of holding before the Engine Oil Life percentage begins to blink.

  • Step#3: Once the display reaches 100 percent, let go of the knob

The above easy steps are your solution to How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic; you should now perform it without any difficulty in the future.

Bottom Line

The Honda oil life indicator is simple to use and will maintain your vehicle in good working order. It’s still a good idea to check the oil level with your dipstick and the owner’s handbook. If the oil light on your Honda Civic comes on before your following oil change, the Oil indication System warns you that the additives are breaking down faster than intended.

Your oil life will decrease more quickly under particular driving situations than it would under typical conditions at lower RPMs. If you need assistance resetting oil life on your Honda Civic, feel free to visit the service facility for assistance from the experts.

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