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Toyota is deeply committed to developing cutting-edge technology to make driving easier and more enjoyable for everyone. It is easy to see that this product has many high-tech features that make driving easier. The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB shift interlock) with Brake Hold is a cutting-edge invention we will discuss in more detail in this article.

Adding a cool new feature will make everyday driving easier, like parking, waiting at a stop light, or getting through traffic constantly stopping and starting again. Please allow me to explain the matter at hand.

What is an electronic parking brake?

epb shift interlock

There is a new and advanced way to stop many new Toyota cars, like the highly sought-after 2018 CH-R and the impressive 2018 Camry (XSE, XLE, and Hybrid models). It’s called the Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Hold. This new feature gives drivers more control and ease, which makes it a great choice for people who want to drive without any issues. We’re putting in a new parking brake system that will change the way we always lock our cars. It’s easy to use this cutting-edge technology, which lets drivers put on the brakes with the push of a button.

The old-fashioned ways of parking are gone, and this brand-new system makes things easier and more convenient than ever. For the future, this fresh and new idea will be the parking brake. In this video, we show you the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), a new car technology that will change how we use the parking brake. No more big levers or foot pedals. Instead, this cutting-edge system has put a sleek button below the shift lever to take its place.

The EPB electronically locks your car’s brakes with a simple press, keeping you safe and sound. The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) is a great new parking brake that will change how people use it.

Setting the parking brake is simple; press the button up. Because the light will be on, it will be easy to tell that the system is working. Just push down on the brake lever to let go of the parking brake.

How does it work?

epb shift interlock

That is as simple as it gets. Furthermore, the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system can be easily set up to operate automatically based on where the shifter is located in the vehicle. To switch to automatic mode, lift and hold the button until the multi-information display (MID) shows a message that the EPB shift interlock function has been activated.

The newest feature improvement ensures the parking brake automatically engages when the shift lever is in the park. This adds another level of safety and convenience. Also, when the shift lever is moved out of the park, the parking brake will release itself automatically, making changes smooth and easy. For a smooth driving experience, this smart system integration removes the need to engage and disengage the parking brake manually. This gives drivers peace of mind.

The Functions of EPB

These days, electronic parking breaks are becoming more and more common in cars. These new technologies for stopping have become very popular, and you can find them in almost all new cars on the market. These creative alternatives can be used instead of the traditional handbrake lever and do the same important job of releasing the handbrake.

In contrast to traditional handbrakes, which need to be activated by pulling or letting go of a lever, electronic parking brakes are easier for anyone. Everything you need to do can be easily done by pressing a button.

EPB shift interlock

epb shift interlock

In some Toyota models, the “EPB Shift Interlock Function Activated” message often comes up. If the car is being driven normally, there’s no need to worry about it. Your Toyota isn’t having any trouble right now. Because of this feature, the brakes stay in place and smoothly release when many Toyota models shift from park to another gear. Slowly press the parking brake button to use the system and keep your finger on it. If you do this right, you will see a notification on the screen telling you the mode was turned on or off.

The malfunctioning of Interlock

Besides the things already mentioned, it’s also important to consider other possible causes. Because of how this electrical system works, problems may come up out of the blue. Okay, let’s talk about a few more common criminals.

An open or shorted connection is a common electrical problem in many systems and devices. This problem happens when the flow of electricity in a circuit stops or changes strangely. It’s possible that the gear shifter selector switch isn’t working right because of a loose wire.

The problem is with a parking brake cable that is thought to be broken.

The problem with the parking brake motor, which keeps the car from going into Park mode, is very important.

Safety Issues

And if the message comes up at the wrong time, it’s important to find out what’s wrong. It should still be safe to drive the car in normal situations. At the very least, you should set up a professional inspection.

A lot of the time, the battery dies, and you could get lost. The battery might not always have enough power to start the engine again after it has been turned off.

The most important thing to worry about is that the electronic parking brake might not work. For the highest level of safety, you should quickly have a professional look at what’s going on.

How to Deactivate 

To turn off the automatic mode, you must press and hold the designated button until the MID (Multi-Information Display) and indicator show that the process has been successfully completed.

That’s not where the fun ends, though. The electronic parking brake has a cutting-edge design and a wide range of features, such as the very useful Brake Hold driver assistance feature. Once the vehicle comes to a complete stop with the Brake Hold feature turned on, it will hold the brakes for you without any problems. You can easily continue your trip after gently pressing down on the accelerator pedal. This useful feature stays in place until you do so. You no longer have to keep your foot on the brake pedal while your car stops or moves slowly through traffic.

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