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Once you’ve decided to buy a brand-new car, it’s only natural to want to do more to protect it for a long time. Wheel locks are a popular way for drivers to stop their cars from being stolen. That’s why wheel locks come up with solutions. Are wheel locks worth it? It depends on the situation. Unfortunately, wheel locks often end up hurting drivers more than helping them.

are wheel locks worth it

Wheel locks, also called lug nut locks or anti-theft wheel locks, are clever devices that always add extra protection to your car’s wheels. These clever devices are made to stop thieves from taking your wheels, which, unfortunately, has happened before. Do you need a key for a wheel lock? Welcome to Motorsport, where we know everything there is to know about wheel locks.

What is a Wheel Lock?

Wheel locks are a clever new way to keep your tires safe. These specially-made lug nuts keep your tires securely attached and have sockets that make it hard for thieves to remove them. With wheel locks, you can feel safe knowing your tires aren’t stolen. Wheel lock nuts are made to work like regular lug nuts, with one important difference: you can’t take them off without a special wheel lock key. 

Historical background of Wheel Lock.

are wheel locks worth it

In the early 1960s, the creative minds at McGard devised a great idea: wheel locks and the keys that go with them. These clever devices were made to give car owners extra protection and ensure their wheels stayed safe and sound. Thanks to McGard’s creativity, people who like cars no longer worry about their wheels being stolen. During that time, there were a lot of thefts of wheels, rims, and tires, with dealerships being the main targets.

Dealerships often take steps to protect their valuable inventory, and putting a wheel lock on each tire is a common way. Unfortunately, the cars were often sold without the necessary wheel lock key to change, replace, or rotate the tires. This service would make it easy for drivers to contact their dealership about tire maintenance. 

Wheel, tire, and rim theft has become much less common in recent years, which is good news. Also, it’s sad that many thieves have the tools they need to steal tires, like a specialized wheel lock socket.

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Pros and Cons of Wheel Locks


are wheel locks worth it

One of the most obvious benefits of using wheel locks is that they make your wheels and tires safer. Most thieves don’t usually have the special keys to wheel lock locks on them. Even though it is technically possible to break wheel locks, it is very hard and takes a lot of work. Wheel locks are a highly effective solution for safeguarding vehicles with a heightened risk of wheel theft. Suppose you often feel concerned about your tires’ potential theft. In that case, several installations can provide you with peace of mind and help alleviate your worries.


When using wheel locks, one thing to think about is the chance of losing the key. If you lose your key, you have a few ways to get a new one. Contacting the dealer is one option, especially if you have an OEM wheel lock. You should be able to get a new key with their help. You could also look online, as some websites sell replacement keys for wheel lock locks. By looking into these options, you can ensure you have a plan in place in case you lose your key.

If neither of these methods worked, Chapel Hill Tire recommends getting help from a professional tire installer. They can help you take the wheel locks off your wheels and put regular lug nuts in their place. Then you’ll have to buy another set of wheel locks.

are wheel locks worth it

When getting services like tire replacement, rim straightening, tire rotation, rim guard installation, and other car appointments, wheel locks can sometimes cause delays. The mechanics may need a little extra time to handle and fix these wheel locks in a way that makes sure everything is done right and quickly. Using these services is great, but you should know that wheel locks might make the whole process a little longer.

In an emergency, if you lose your key, you might be unable to change a flat tire.

Sometimes, roadside assistance may lack the tools to open a locked wheel. You may find yourself in a situation where the only way to fix your car is to have it towed. 

When it comes to protecting the tires on your car, wheel locks might be better than you’d like. This is mostly because thieves don’t have to take much risk to steal from them, and they are easy to get around. 

Are Wheel Locks Worth it?

Yes, for sure! Either of the two types of wheel locks mentioned is a good idea to consider buying. Investing in wheel lug locks is a smart way to keep your wheels from being stolen. These locks make it hard for people who might try to break in. Depending on the type you choose, the price of wheel lug locks can vary, but you can usually find a good set for less than $100. By putting these locks on your wheels, you can rest easy knowing that your valuable things are safe.

You can find wheel clamp locks for less than $100, depending on your chosen brand. Also, these car covers have been tested and proven to protect the whole car, not just the wheels. We strongly suggest buying both locks for your car and wheels to ensure they are as safe as possible.

Are wheel Locks necessary?

The average driver doesn’t need most of the time, wheel locks, and they may even do more harm than good. But there are some times when it can be helpful to have wheel locks. Some of these situations are:

If you live in an area where it is common for tires, rims, or wheels to be stolen and the thought of your expensive, unique, or custom rims being stolen worries you, you’re not the only one. It makes sense to want to protect something valuable. 

Even though many drivers feel safe without wheel locks, it’s always a good idea to install them on your car if you plan to leave it unattended for long periods in an area with few people. If you take this safety measure, ensure you always have the key with you. If careful, you could avoid getting stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and no way to fix it. 

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